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Stop Being Religious!

7 Biblical Principles For Being A Kingdom Christian Without Being Religious

This book will completely change the way you think about Christianity and religion. If you are a new Christian or want to know more about the truths of Christianity, this is the book you want to read. Stop Being Religious will help you understand the basics of the Christian faith according to the Bible and points out the unscriptural demands and bondage religion imposes on believers. This book describes the basic beliefs of the Christian faith, the Holy Spirit, the power of prayer, Bible study methods, church attendance, and the battle Satan wages for control of your mind.


You will enjoy the personal stories and examples used throughout the book to help you visualize what it means to be a true citizen of God’s kingdom. Stop Being Religious promotes the benefits of living as a kingdom Christian and reclaiming the domain authority God gave to his citizens here on Earth. This book will challenge you to look at Christianity from a new perspective and dispel myths about different religions and what they believe.

New Book Coming Early 2023!

"Me, Incorporated"
The Art of Managing Your Life Like A Successfull Business

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